Amazon's HQ2 announcement creates a unique opportunity for New Jersey. Newark has an unmatched technology infrastructure and a set of assets that is far more distinctive and “Amazonian” than any other location in the state. Newark is an ideal home for the creativity, innovation, and passion that define the Amazon culture, and it possesses the infrastructure and access to elite technical talent to fuel Amazon's growth.

NJ’s largest city would rival Amazon’s Seattle campus”

Yahoo Finance Sept. 21, 2017 



At the forefront of a great technology revolution, Newark, New Jersey is becoming the next booming tech hub.”

Black Enterprise July 30, 2017

Newark’s ability to offer companies 10 Gbps outstrips the 1-1.5 Gbps offered in Seoul and Tokyo, widely known for their high-speed internets. Newark’s internet is 250 times the average broadband speed in New Jersey, which is the most connected state in the U.S.

Newark provides access to one of the world's fastest, large-scale, free public outdoor Wi-Fi networks in the U.S


Newark is home to both the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Prudential Center, providing access to world-class performances and sporting events, as well as the Newark Museum, NJ’s largest museum.

“Creatives, entrepreneurs and cultural enthusiasts have taken flight from the suburbs and metropolitan areas to become part of Newark”   

Vogue Magazine Feb. 15, 2017

Newark is seeing an influx of real estate investment”

Bloomberg July 31, 2017

Newark offers an interconnected transport hub with one of the busiest international airports in the country, the largest East Coast seaport and major rail lines, as well as local mass transit, which allows people to live comfortably in Newark, or provides them less than a 30-minute commute to urban amenities and bucolic places to shop or live.


“…a burgeoning arts scene, iconic architecture, surrounding universities and proximity to both Manhattan, the city is in the spotlight” 

NYPOST March 2, 2017

Newark is a major academic center, comprising the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Seton Hall Law School, Rutgers Law School, Rutgers Business School, and Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, the greatest concentration of university students in the state.

Newark is headquarters for more large employers than any other NJ municipality and has cultivated a community of highly engaged corporate leaders. Newark is the home of Audible, an Amazon company, and a new Whole Foods. 

Newark's local leadership has assembled all essential financial and professional services required and  we are united in our goal to have the state's leaders pull together in support for our state’s largest city.