Why Amazon should setup hQ2 in newark

Newark offers an authentic urban experience in the heart of the largest market in the country.  All roads leads to Newark, making it the ideal home for Amazon's next office.  Culture, connectivity, and capacity are here.

Deep Culture

Newark is the cultural center of the state, building on a legacy of music, performance, poetry, and art.  Home of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, historic Newark Symphony Hall, the Grammy Museum Experience, and more.  From institutional players to grassroots beauty, the City is a chorus of real voices.  Amazon can leverage this cultural reservoir to create technology the whole world will use.

Newark also has a large immigrant population from all over the globe.  Our food, cinema, and celebrations all reflect this pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship.

A Connected City

Newark is at the center of the region's transportation infrastructure including all the trains, planes, and ships.  This makes the commute easier for all Amazon employees and will allow for the recruitment of great talent from nearby towns and cities.

This is also where the internet comes up for air, making 10-Gigabit and 100-Gigabit speeds cheaper than anywhere else.  In the digital world, Amazon is already here.  By setting up offices, Amazon can leverage these connections to local corporate partners and the world.

Watch the video here to see how Prudential, a global Fortune 500 company, has grown in Newark over the last 142 years.