Newark's Rising Stock Continues to Make an Amazon HQ2 Promising

Monday, March 19th, real estate professionals and government officials gathered together for an informal confab organized by Newark Regional Business Partnership. Since Newark's short-listing for the Amazon HQ2 bid, it has enhanced the city's spirit and camaraderie. “A lot of partners in the real estate world and businesses made that happen,” said Barbara Kauffman, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Newark Regional Business Partnership. “At no point in my recollection has the spirit been higher than it is now. It is a good time to be in Newark. Nothing happens without great leadership.”

The key is infrastructure and Newark makes the cut. With systems already put in place prior to the short-list nod, it solidifies why the city is attractive to a host of businesses and developers. "We were short-listed for a reason,” stated Aisha Glover, CEO of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. “It was not just because of our incentive package. We were selling talent, infrastructure, location, and diversity.”

However, regardless of whether Amazon makes Newark its HQ2 home, the engine in motion with real estate, employment, and advanced infrastructure development continues to move forward.

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