Newark Residents and Businesses Sound Off on Amazon HQ2

While Amazon still continues to narrow down its search for a second corporate headquarters, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NewarkCEDC) reached out to its constituents to gauge the reaction to Newark being short-listed. Citizen Ambassadors of Newark canvassed the area and reached out to businesses, as well as their fellow citizens and gained individual and collective responses to the potential of the city becoming the new home of Amazon.

Canvassers found enthusiasm, mixed with some trepidation, over the prospects of Amazon coming to Newark. After days of interviews in stores and businesses, and on the streets, the results show a nearly even break on overall sentiments. In all, 34 percent of respondents are enthusiastic or very enthusiastic about Amazon’s potential arrival, 32 percent are neutral about the prospects, and 32 percent are concerned or extremely concerned about Amazon in Newark.

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Original article via TapInto Newark.