The Amazon effect: Making a call on the impact on Newark of being an HQ2 finalist

If you’re looking for a way to describe the impact of Newark making the final 20 cities under consideration to land Amazon’s second headquarters, start with Glover’s phone.

It’s the first place many go when the unfamiliar are trying to figure out why (and how) Newark could have made the list.

Glover said she spends time educating them, talking about how Newark has the third-largest port in the U.S. (the biggest on the East Coast) and is the fifth-largest college town and the most ethnically diverse city in the country.

“All of these factoids, people just have no idea,” she said. “Once you peel back the concerns or misperceptions about public safety, we really fit that textbook definition of a city you want to be in. There’s definitely been a lot of shock.”

Which leads to the pause.

“People say, ‘Wow, I had no idea,’” she said.

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