Newark and the Tech Level Up

Newark, once considered last in a lineup of tech hubs, has become home to one of the world’s fastest data infrastructures, garnering speeds of up to 10 gigabits-per-second. City officials are confident technology has played an integral role in Newark’s economic development. Partnering with Intersection, Newark became one of three cities to offer Link Wi-Fi Kiosks, making it the second most “wired” city on the east coast.

While Newark is known for its manufacturing and e-Commerce, its advanced infrastructure is constantly left out of the conversation. Over one-million people commute through Newark daily, utilizing the city’s major roads, trains, buses and international airport. Being a large transportation hub and port has helped Newark attract various industries. But what has sealed the deal for many large corporations, such as Broadridge Financial Solutions, Mars, Inc. and potentially Amazon, is the city’s emerging data infrastructure. A deal sweetener years in the making. With fast improvements to the city’s rail structure, bridges, roads, and other utilities, Newark accumulated a wealth of “dark” or unused fiber readily available for its growing business community.

2 Gateway Plaza is one of the "wired" hubs in Downtown, housing over 20 companies from FinTech to Design

2 Gateway Plaza is one of the "wired" hubs in Downtown, housing over 20 companies from FinTech to Design

In the last two decades, companies of all sizes have made the move to Newark, helping to improve the city’s fiber-optic capabilities. And with close proximity to Manhattan and commuter accessibility, the transition for these companies has been smooth.   

Newark’s vast innovative history only makes today’s technological progression a seamless level up. Key buildings such as the Gateway Office Complex and 165 Halsey are the gathering points for a vast majority of the optic points in the downtown area, with 165 Halsey housing close to 60 data communication firms. This access to connectivity enables residents and business owners to obtain high-internet speeds at a fraction of the cost.

Although interwoven in its historical makeup, technology remains a driving force in Newark’s economy.

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